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For esports fans, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally finding the perfect keyboard setup. From boards, to switches, and keycaps, our crew is always searching for the best quality peripherals to excel at our game. Today Misfits Gaming Group welcomes Matrix Keyboards as the official keyboard and keycap provider for 2020! North American Misfits Gaming pros, Florida Mayhem, and Florida Mutineers will be working alongside Matrix Keyboards to create one-of-a-kind custom keyboards to fit Misfits unique brand identities.

Founded in 2018, the crew at Matrix Keyboards felt the frustrations with trying to find the perfect, high-quality keyboard setup. After first focusing on improving the 60% keyboard, they’ve continued to experiment with new models and new product lines, such as custom keycaps and mousepads.

Ben Spoont, CEO and co-founder of Misfits Gaming Group expressed his excitement for the partnership

“Choosing to work with Matrix Keyboards was a no brainer after learning more about their teams’ commitment to high-quality peripherals built for esports athletes, […] I can’t wait to reveal some of the custom Misfits, Mayhem, and Mutineers products we’ve been working on and get them in the hands of our fans!”

Chris Horne, co-founder of Matrix Keyboards had this to say about the partnership

“Teaming up with Misfits Gaming Group is something we are very excited about as we believe this to be a big step in innovating team and player branded products, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to start that with some of the top pros and teams across various gaming platforms.”