The Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto played host to World Gaming Network’s Forza Motorstports 7 Championships. Some of the best racers in North America and some local competitors got a chance to take home over $7k and a track day experience in Atlanta for two.

The competition saw races the entire week at the Auto Show, with some players qualifying online and others at the event itself. Players who made it in through the on-site qualifiers showed up multiple days of the event and put up the top times of hundreds in Toronto. Many were looking at players like Hotsaucer, who is a local Ontario talent and one of the only wheel users on the grid. Through the afternoon hundreds of people filed into the competition area to check out the cars that were placed in the rear of the arena, but many ended up staying to watch at least a few laps of the races. Even though many older attendees were flummoxed by the concept of a digital race, very few were negative about it.

When the event got properly underway, there were two semifinal heats consisting of one three qualifying laps and two proper races. In the end, almost all of the racers invited through online qualifiers made the final race. In the end one man ended up rising above the rest. ForceOne dominated the field placing first in all of his races, including his qualifying laps. In the final race, which sees the starting grid flipped, ForceOne started in 8th place and found his way up to second by the 2nd lap. He would win that race as well and walk away with the top spot.

I got a chance to talk with ForceOne about his win, check out that conversation below!