The OWLs Nest is CheckpointXP’s official podcast dedicated to the Overwatch League. Every week Robbie Landis is joined by Jake Lyon to discuss the latest league moves, matches and more.

Due to technical difficulties, this week’s episode is audio only.

Four more teams made their 2020 Overwatch League debut last week at the Philadelphia homestand. Not everyone’s performance was as stand out as the others. The Florida Mayhem, who finished 20th last season finally look like they may have a roster that could please fans. The Houston Outlaws went home 0-2 after suffering two full sweeps at the hand of the Mayhem and the Washington Justice. The Justice and the Philadelphia Fusion both had great showings on all fronts. SADO and Carpe helped carry the Fusion to a 2-0 weekend. Despite dropping a match to the Fusion, Corey and the Justice still looked like they could make some big moves this season.

Robbie and Jake also do their own Overwatch fantasy draft, but with a twist. Once a player is drafted, you’re not allowed to select any other player from that team. Robbie calls his team the Detroit Usual Suspects and Jake drafts for the San Diego Snipers. They’re leaving it up to the fans to vote on whose team would win if they were matched up head to head. You can do so over at CheckpointXP on Twitter and help decide the winner of the OWLs Nest Overwatch fantasy draft.

They also preview the upcoming weekend that is set to be hosted by the Washington Justice. Plus which match-up is must see for the week? Find out by downloading or watching the episode.

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