On Friday, football pros from across the NFL took on the world of esports at the Verizon In the Know Bowl in Miami. After a hard fought battle, Washington Redskins safety Landon Collins took home the title of tournament champion, along with Call of Duty League, Florida Mutineers pro esports player Cesar ‘Skyz’ Bueno, beating out players including LA Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen and New York Jets defensive end Leonard WilliamsLandon and Cesar donated their $10k winnings to Boys and Girls Club of America.

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Nate Welcome to CheckpointXP, your home for esports and gaming. Joining me now is Cesar Bueno. He also goes by Skyz and is a part of the Call of Duty League. What is going on? Cesar, welcome to CheckpointXP.

Skyz Sup, man. Thanks for having me.

Nate So first and foremost, congratulations on winning the Verizon In The Know Bowl. What was it like playing alongside the Washington Redskins safety, Landon Collins?

Skyz Well, I say I was kind of nervous in the beginning. It was like the first kind of famous person I was going to talk to. But he was actually a really nice person when I met him. And he actually plays COD. So that’s kind of fun. He knew a little bit about the game.

Nate Hey, that’s what’s up. That’s it. That’s always nice to go into a situation like that and find that you’re teaming with someone who actually understands the game, right?

Skyz Yeah.

Nate Did you did you get the sense that traditional athletes like those in the NFL have any idea of what it takes to be an esports athlete?

Skyz I mean, yeah, I think it takes the same work ethic and like the same amount of effort as they do, the eight hours in a day and all that.

Nate So you donated your winnings to the Boys and Girls Club of America. Does that charity have any special significance to you?

Skyz Me and Landon actually talked about it, but it seemed like every like he had boys in clubs ready. And I was just backing his charity, but I think donating to charity is just awesome.

Nate Yeah. There’s a lot of really big charitable efforts that come out of gaming, of course. So, you know, you’re playing this year for the Mutineers, for the Call of Duty League. What’s your impression of the the league and what are you looking forward to the most?

Skyz The league is great. I think when I look forward to most is proving people wrong because people doubt us a lot and we’re actually really good. And I think we have the pieces to beat every team.

Nate The Call of Duty scene seldom plays the same game for more than a year or two. Do you think that the league will need to, you know, be ready to switch games when a new Call of Duty game comes out? And I mean, is that just what’s expected if you’re playing as a part of the Call of Duty scene?

Skyz Yeah, I think they should be prepared because literally it’s been a new game every year since like the first Call of Duty cam out. So I think they’ll be ready and we’re going to be ready.

Nate And I mean, other esports athletes have to deal with meta shifts and updates and, you know, things like that. So I guess I’d say that that’s fairly normal, right?

Skyz Yeah, of course.

Nate Absolutely. Cesar Bueno. He also goes by Skyz as a part of the Mutineers has been joining us here on CheckpointXP. Caesar, thank you so much for your time today.