WGN Forza 7 Championship Descends On Canadian International AutoShow

The Canadian International AutoShow is going to have an esports twist at it once again this year. The World Gaming Network is hosting the second annual Forza Motorsport 7 Championships at the event in Toronto later this month. Amateur and professional racers alike will have their shot at a $20,000 prize pool when the event kicks off in mid-February.

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Every one of the 360,000-plus attendees of #CIAS2020 will have an opportunity to qualify on the show floor to become one of the finalists in the @WorldGaming @ForzaMotorsport 7 North American championship, supported by #Pfaff. pic.twitter.com/yQDt9BG4kp

If you missed out on the online qualifiers, don’t worry, you still have a chance to get in. The week of the AutoShow will play host to a live qualifier. Competitors will attempt to set the fastest lap time using a pre-set car and course. Attendees can attempt the lap as many times as they wish, and the racer with the fastest time on each of the eight qualifying days will move on to compete. The 16 man tournament will begin the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd. And if you think you don’t have a chance, live attendees made it to the final 4 last year!

For those of you not interested in competing, the race has some interesting points to watch. The top 3 drivers in North America will all be in attendance, and racing against each other for the first time. Daniel “LZR ForceOne” Nyman, Zach “RBR Venom” Taylor, and Taylor “Lightning” Stomski will all be racing at the event. In addition, the heated rivalry between ForceOne and Evan “Raceboy77” Thorogood will be on full display.

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I’m really hyped to team up with @WorldGaming for the Forza Motorsport 7 WGN Championship driven by Pfaff! 🏆Compete against me and #RaceTheNorth for a chance to win over $20,000 in prizes. Think you have what it takes? Register now: https://t.co/l180r4zIT3 #WGNPartner pic.twitter.com/JKoDUubcP2

For those looking to attend, the Canadian International AutoShow will be running from February 14th through the 23rd at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. More information and ticket pricing can be found here. And for more information on WGN and the Forza Motorsport 7 Championships, check out their website.

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