Major Changes Made To Call of Duty League Schedule

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With less than a month to go until the kick-off of the Call of Duty League, major changes have been made to the schedule. Originally, the league had been modeled after the Overwatch League, with teams running a home and away format. This saw a lot of blow-back in the community, who didn’t feel it made sense for a team to travel internationally for a single series.

Now, the league has announced it’ll be adopting a different format. Starting in week two, every event will be a tournament format with all 12 teams competing. Week one is unaffected because that was already the plan for opening weekend. This way, while teams will still have to travel, they’ll have a chance to compete throughout the weekend.

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Overall, reception to the idea has been mostly positive. But there’s an unmistakable air of “this is how it always should have been.” With only weeks to go until the league kicks off, Activision Blizzard will have a mountain of work ahead of them to figure out the logistics.

Joe’s thoughts: This is absolutely the right call. Call of Duty has always lived in a tournament structure, and I’m happy to see it return to that. However, I join many others in the community in wondering why this wasn’t already the case? I understand they have a successful model with Overwatch League, but Call of Duty is a very different game. I’m glad they got it right eventually, I only hope there’s time to make sure it runs successfully.

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