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Allied Esports, a global esports entertainment company, today announced a strategic alliance with Wanyoo, the largest network of esports centers in China, that will make the company an official affiliate member of the Allied Esports Property Network.

Per the multiyear agreement, Allied Esports will use its global resources, including the alignment and offerings from its network and strategic partners, to assist with the acceleration of the expansion of Wanyoo’s overseas operations. Allied Esports and Wanyoo will also collaborate on the creation and monetization of esports experiences and events to reach Wanyoo’s 16 million-plus global members in more than 800 locations across China and around the world, including facilities in the United States, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Canada.

“Allied Esports wants to partner with like-minded companies to develop an ecosystem of global facilities and events where gamers can compete, share experiences and create content, live and in-person,” said Frank Ng, CEO of Allied Esports Entertainment, the parent company of Allied Esports. “By joining forces with an industry innovator like Wanyoo, we have the opportunity to grow our brand and scale our footprint at an incredible rate, while providing gamers with new and exciting ways to fulfill their passion for esports entertainment.”

“We are very excited about the strategic partnership with Allied Esports,” said Mr. Feng Huang, CEO of Play For Dream Group, the parent company of Wanyoo. “As one of our most important strategies, we have never stopped promoting the process of globalization and are always looking for partners to enhance our global expansion with a focus on markets where we have seen strong demand and growth prospects. We are positioning our business for the future by creating a more effective, global framework to serve gamers worldwide. Wanyoo aims to become the leading esports community in the world.”

Starting in 2020, Allied Esports will also pilot a destination VIP bootcamp program for Wanyoo customers that will be introduced as a reward and loyalty offering or as a package for purchase at select Wanyoo locations. The program will be designed to give aspiring gamers unparalleled experiences through access to venues, organizations and coaches who will provide lessons on skill development, strategy, teamplay, wellness and more.

By joining Allied Esports’ affiliate program, Wanyoo will present its customers with opportunities to attend and participate in special events at Allied Esports Property Network locations around the world, including Allied Esports’ flagship location, HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas.

The Allied Esports Property Network was introduced in December 2018 as the world’s first affiliate program for global partners interested in developing esports venues and participating in Allied Esports’ event programming and content production. Through the program’s various offerings and services, Allied Esports is currently working with a number of venue operators around the world on either increasing their esports event programming and related offerings or creating new dedicated esports facilities.

Fortress Esports, Allied Esports’ exclusive affiliate partner for Australia and New Zealand, is expected to open its first location, Fortress Melbourne, at Emporium in the city’s central business district in early 2020. At nearly 30,000 square feet, the new facility is expected to be the largest video gaming and esports entertainment venue in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wanyoo centers have become popular destinations for gaming and esports enthusiasts in China and beyond as the company has worked with top game publishers to organize amateur events and tournaments. In 2018, Wanyoo organized approximately 3,000 esports matches under the Wanyoo Arena Tournament brand, including League of Legends and Dota 2 events, with select winners having the opportunity to participate in playoff tournaments as part of the Tencent championship series.

Allied Esports’ new strategic alliance with Wanyoo replaces its former Chinese affiliate relationship with Lianmeng Dianjing, which expired on December 1.

About Wanyoo

Wanyoo is the largest network of esports centers in China. Founded in 1998, the company now has more than 800 locations across four continents, six countries and more than 80 cities. Wanyoo is actively involved in the global development of esports–centric entertainment communities with facilities that serve all gamers with an unrivaled esports experience featuring high-performance equipment, private rooms, online reservations, food and beverage services and merchandise. Wanyoo also has established various partnerships with professional esports teams. Wanyoo aspires to be the leading esports community in the world while it seeks to promote esports as a lifestyle and bring happiness to the next generation of gamers.