Photo Credit: Respawn Entertainment for APEX Legends

During the Game Awards 2019 APEX Legend Champion Mirage (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) appeared on the main screen interrupting host Geoff Keighley. What proceeded was a pun-filled, silly, playful exchange between the two about fake awards, Mirage’s ego and the new Holo-Day Bash Event. It wasn’t anything more than a chance for APEX Legends to talk about their newest in-game event but it’s exactly the type of thing the Game Awards needed.

I played APEX Legend for a few months when it first came out, it’s fun, it’s competent but the lack luster first battle pass turned me off from continuing the game. Regardless of my own personal taste in the game or the champions, Mirage is kind of annoying in an almost charming way. This trailer stood out from the multitude of other world premiere releases because it was exactly what we expect out of games — it was fun! On top of that, it wasn’t just a video that was playing behind Geoff Keighley that he had to sync up his lines with. It was a live performance by voice actor Roger Craig Smith who was in another location doing the voice and mo-cap for the video in real time.

You can see the entire scene below!

thegameawards - Mirage's Award

Watch thegameawards's clip titled "Mirage's Award"

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