Orchid Som, CEO of E-Gear

E-Gear Distribution has partnered with Checkpoint XP for the new Beasley XP Studios Launch. Orchid Som, CEO of E-Gear, joins in on the discussion.

E-Gear is a distribution company that has partnered with E-Blue, a huge manufacturer in Asia. E-Gear and E-Blue provides the best innovative gaming gear in the world from keyboards and mice to gaming furniture.

Auroza EMP013BK RGB Gaming Mouse Pad & AUROZA FPS Gaming Mouse

It’s has a 7.1 surround sound embedded on the headset. When you’re playing the game, it has a feature of the vibration based off the surround sound.

– Orchid Som on the Auroza 7.1 EHS950BK Vibrating gaming headset

E-Blue and E-Gear provides a cool futuristic esports feel that is Tron-inspired and helps boost the ambiance of gaming. E-Blue has opened a few esports arena and an esports hotel as well!


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