The second qualifiers for CRL were exciting! So many remarkable goals, impressive moves, and professional teamwork. But the match between University of St. Thomas and the University of San Diego was the best.

It ended as 3-2 with St. Thomas as the victor, who gave USD a run for their money. Branski, Blakester, and Ben Storm as a combined force of St. Thomas, they pulled off this close game. Other than 3 goals, they had 3 assists, 3 saves, and 7 shots! 

At first, it was a slow game but things picked up in the second half. USD came out of nowhere with 2 goals and had St. Thomas on the ropes. USD were planning their shots very carefully and sparing their aerial moves. Instead of going for the goals immediately, they stepped back and wanted to control the ball. This gave them an advantage over St. Thomas and St. Thomas had to change their strategy.

They started to back each other up with ground and aerial moves. As one person moved the ball along the field, another would come shooting down from above and push it into a goal. Or they would roll the ball along the stadium walls, keeping it away from USD as much as possible. And it worked.


Written by Ruben Osterling