East Side Dave

East Side Dave of WRAT 95.9, a.k.a. Esports Dave, the world’s best Mario Kart player, joins Checkpoint XP during the Beasley XP studio launch.

I instantly realize about radio people versus T.V. people is that when we radio people flub a line… The expletives come out loud. They come out serious. I slammed my bottle of water… I scared poor tiny Will Forte to death.

– East Side Dave

Do you have what it takes to beat Dave in Mario Kart? Plus, Esports Dave talks about his friendship with Billy Mitchell, who once was recognized as the record holder of several classic video games, and his time and experience as a voice actor with Rockstar Games.

I describe myself sort of like Paul Heyman, the wrestling manager, who describes himself as Brock Lesnar’s advocate. He’s there to talk to the people about the truth. That’s all I am. The people seem to get very mad at me. Very mad at my friend, Billy (Mitchell), for I don’t know what. His dominance in Donkey Kong? They think he is up to no good. I can tell you one thing. He’s a patriot. He wears an American tie. He’s got the best mullet I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I mean, what’s not to love, people! Stop being so angry!

– East Side Dave

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