Image courtesy of University Rocketeers

University Rocketeers, the European university Rocket League platform, and Psyonix, the game developer for Rocket League, will assemble and create the first Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) World Championship. For Spring 2022, CRL teams from Europe will be sailing to America and compete with North American teams for the first time ever via online. The CRL World Championship will be broadcasted in June. 

European players from their national leagues, like NSE in the UK or Uniliga in Germany, will have to first compete in the European University Rocketeers’ Championship (EURC). The top four teams from EURC and another top two from their Last Chance qualifier will be qualified for the CRL World Championship. 

University Rocketeers Vs. North America

These teams have never seen one another play before. Certain techniques, formations, strategies, etc. will be new for them. Teams from North America or Europe have never studied one another by watching their games. They understand opponents in their country better by seeing how they contest on the field. But there will be things European teams do that North American teams would have never thought to do. And vice versa.

It’s going to make these games interesting and confusing. These teams will have to adapt quickly to each other’s styles if they want to win. It’s going to definitely challenge these players and change the way they play. If anything, CRL may never be the same after this as more of the world comes together for one sweet trophy. Two teams from Europe I’m looking forward to are Portsmouth Paladins from England and Berlin Blades from Berlin. 

Two Teams to Watch in EU

The Portsmouth Paladins may shake up CRL teams in America. Something this team loves to do is play the ball off the ground! They’re usually scoring from way up above as they shoot the ball above the players. With these guys driving across the walls, soaring over the field, or shooting off the ground, if they possess the ball, it’s going up with them. 

Now, the trick for the Berlin Blades is that they’re always spaced out as a team. With so much distance between them, they confuse their opponents. They can have one man defending the goal, the second stealing the ball, and the third shooting it across the field to score a goal. Also being fast and relentless, they can leave their opponents in the dust with high-scoring games.

By Ruben Oesterling