Muskegon Community College announced the addition of an esports program to their athletics roster this past week. The Jayhawks will begin competing in the National Junior College Athletic Association Esports division this Fall semester. The school has begun the recruiting process for the team as well.

“We will compete against two-year and four-year colleges across the nation,” said MCC Dean of College Services and Athletics Director Marty McDermott. “We are looking to provide opportunities for students to learn valuable life skills, such as teamwork, communication, discipline, strategic thinking, leadership and confidence, as with participation in any other of our sports. We do have scholarships available.”

With the addition of esports to their roster, the Jayhawks athletic department now has intercollegiate teams for over 18 different sports at the school. Which presents students with the most athletic opportunities than any other Michigan based community college.

MCC has enlisted David Klinger as the Jayhawks’ Esports Head Coach, who provides Information Technology services at the school.

“He has the passion and the energy to guide this exciting sport during its first year on our campus,” McDermott said.

The school wanted to begin their endeavors into the world of esports over two years ago, citing a high desire among students interested in the opportunity of competing.

“Actually pre-pandemic, we had talked about it,” Klinger said. “But it got delayed a little bit.”

Klinger is excited for what opportunities and skills the program can provide to the school and its students.

“I believe that it can help grow their strategic thinking, their creative skills, leadership, confidence,” Klinger said. “Not to say it doesn’t take skill, but you don’t have to have the same, like other sports, the same physical aspect.”

The NJCAAE now boasts over 125 different schools competing within their conference, with more consistently being added.

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Story by Carter Barnes