ShowYouSuck, American Rapper from Chicago

Clinton Sandifer a.k.a. ShowYouSuck is a Chicago based rapper. He and the Checkpoint XP crew gush over video games and music.

Video Games saved my life. I grew up on the west side of Chicago, where I was born wasn’t exactly the safest place. So, my mom figured out that if she just got me a Nintendo… It kept me out of a lot trouble. I definitely grew up playing games.

– ShowYouSuck

Video games made an impact in ShowYouSuck’s life. His music is influenced by the video games that he has played.

It (Final Fantasy VII) was the first game where it was a commitment for me. It was three discs, and at that time, I was using a third party memory card… I made it to the third disc on Final Fantasy. This one particular day, I was going back in to play it and that memory card wiped everything.

– ShowYouSuck, on lyrics “Final Fantasy VII taught me to be a man”

He has opened for P.O.S. and Doomtree, and is currently partnered with The Hood Internet for AIR CREDITS. ShowYouSuck also admires Mega Ran, a fellow nerdcore rapper, chiptune DJ, and record producer.

Mega Ran is like the other side of what I do. He’s the ultimate real life version of what I do. I reference video games here and there, but he really dives into it. I got so much respect for him and the lanes he built. Honestly, he paved the way for me.

– ShowYouSuck

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