Bryan Reedy, Founder of Gamer Advantage

Bryan Reedy, founder of Gamer Advantage, hangs out with the Checkpoint XP crew during the Beasley XP studio launch.

Bryan drops his knowledge about artificial and blue light, and how Gamer Advantage glasses work for every day life.

Artificial lights haven’t been around for majority of the last fifty thousand years during modern human evolution. We haven’t even had electricity for that long.  So, it’s really just recently that we have increased this artificial light exposure.

– Bryan Reedy of Gamer Advantage

Gamer Advantage Sunglasses Magnetic Clip
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Gamer Advantage uses a naturally occurring ocular pigment that is infused into the lens – not a coating that can scratch off or wear off. This advanced formula allows your body to naturally increase melatonin production for improved sleep, productivity, and overall health.

Sleep is a big thing about your health. We talk about heart disease, Type 2 diabetes… What’s so prevalent right now is mental illness and poor sleep. There are tons of studies of anxiety and depression are often linked to poor sleep, including ADHD. A lot of kids are misdiagnosed with ADHD, because hyperactivity in children is actually a signifier of poor sleep.

– Bryan Reedy of Gamer Advantage

Check out our Checkpoint Daily episode with featuring Bryan Reedy of Gamer Advantage on why health and wellness is important with gamers.

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