Tom Holland Spiderman stans rejoice, your boy will remain NYC’s web slinger for the foreseeable future.

It’s been an exciting past week for Marvel fans. Not only was Charlie Cox, the actor behind Daredevil, confirmed to reprise his role, but now we know that Tom Holland will continue to play Spiderman in his upcoming films too. 

However, any specific deals on what MCU films Spidey will appear in next is currently speculation. The balance between Marvel and Sony over the Spiderman franchise has always been strenuous, and we shouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon. 

Hype for Holland’s new film Spiderman: Far From Home has reached astronomical proportions, leading to multiple theater websites crashing. Likewise, rampant fan theories speculate whether the film will see the return of previous series actors, Tobey Maquire and Andrew Garfield. Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, Holland revealed  to BBC Radio 1 that he, Maquire and Garfield are all in a WhatsApp group together. 

What’s Next for Tom Holland’s Spiderman?

Tom Holland Spiderman

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Fan theories aside, No Way Home marks the young actor’s sixth portrayal as Peter Parker, which is an impressive run. While Holland has nothing but admiration for the character, his outlook for the next five years could reflect a desire for change. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland remarks on his run as Spiderman and his future with the role,

“I would love to explore and try out new things with different characters. But then again, I’ve been an actor since I was 11. I haven’t done anything else, and maybe I don’t want to be an actor. Maybe I just want to set up a carpentry shop and be a dad. I don’t know. I want to spend the next five years really thinking about my future rather than thinking about my career.”

Holland’s mind seems to be in the right place here, prioritizing his personal life and happiness is a move that should be applauded. Where Holland’s career goes after Spiderman is anyone’s guess, all we can say is that we support him and can’t wait to watch No Way Home. Godspeed, Spiderman.

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