NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 27: Fans attend day two of the Fortnite World Cup Finals at Arthur Ashe Stadium on July 27, 2019 in the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The new season of Fortnite is here and the guys are wondering if that means Fortnite is fun again? Should a supposedly competitive game be made “purely” for fun? They also break down the EA conference and talk a bit of Skate 4! Mixer is shutting down, so what does that mean for streamers like Ninja and Shroud? All of that and more on this week’s CheckpointXP On-Demand!

This week on Checkpoint-XP On Demand

  • (0:00) Is Fortnite Fun Again?
    • The new season of Fortnite is here and with it comes sweeping changes to the map as well as water-skiing sharks! It gets the group to ask the question “but is that fun?”
  • (11:58)  EA Update
    • EA held their summer conference and unveiled some of the new stuff coming down the pike. And yes, Skate 4 is finally happening.
  • (23:56) Mixer is shutting down
    • Microsoft is officially pulling the plug on Mixer, sending their streamers over to Facebook Gaming. But Ninja sounds like he has other ideas in mind.
  • (33:53) Is Rocket League Dead?
    • When’s the last time you thought about Rocket League? The guys wonder if it’s just dead and buried.
  • (43:43) Hum that tune
    • Ric wants us to get our humming pants on. Someone stop this madness.
  • (55:40) Gaming and Esports News – 
  • (1:07:39) Patient Gamer – Horizon: Zero Dawn
    • On this week’s edition of the Patient Gamer, Robbie tells us about Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game that went from “who cares?” to “this is amazing!” in the blink of an eye.
  • (1:17:39) Social Media Check-in
    • We check in with our social media followers to find out what game you love that no one else has ever heard of.

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