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The Playstation 5 has been unveiled! The guys break down their thoughts on the new system, and James actually just got a brand new system. How’s he liking living in the modern era of gaming with his Switch? Producer Kali joins us to talk about the LCS, and the group tries to guess the game based on the Steam review! All of that and more on CheckpointXP On-Demand!

This week on Checkpoint XP:

  • (0:00) The Playstation 5 Unveiled
    • The biggest news of the year so far in gaming is here as Sony has officially revealed the Playstation 5. And it looks like a cable modem! The guys give their thoughts.
  • (12:01)  James Buys a Switch
    • James has entered the modern era with his purchase of a Nintendo Switch. He shares the story and gives his thoughts.
  • (24:03) E-girl Hired By Fortnite Competitor
    • A Fortnite competitor hired an e-girl to hang out with him and chat during his stream. The guys take a listen and share their thoughts.
  • (34:03) LCS Summer Split Returns
    • Producer Kali joins us to talk about the return of League of Legends. The LCS Summer Split is officially underway!
  • (43:51) Bad Steam Reviews
    • Can you figure out the game by the Steam review? Weirdbeard loses a bet!
  • (55:47) Gaming and Esports News – 
  • (1:07:46) Patient Gamer – Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    • On this week’s edition of the Patient Gamer, Weirdbeard introduces us to a classic surreal shooter in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • (1:17:44) Social Media Check-in
    • We check in with our social media followers to find out what game you’re hoping will launch on the PS5.

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