Screenshot: Awesome Games Done Quick, BloodThunder plays Bioshock

One of the things that the gaming community has always been great is raising money. From Extra Life to Gamer’s Outreach, there is no corner of the gaming sphere that isn’t willing to give.

Most recently, Awesome Games Done Quick just wrapped up. AGDQ is a speed-running community that plays through games as fast as humanly possible for entertainment and charity purposes. Even after the streams stop the organization continues to take donations and as of this post the total for Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 is $3,163,224.06

AGDQ is full of all kinds of great moments but one that stood out this year came from participant BloodThunder. As BloodThunder was running through Bioshock his game suddenly crashed and the blue screen of death appeared on the monitor. Everyone was in complete shock and disbelief and as BloodThunder put his hands on his head in horror then explained, “It’s ok, we planned this…” and the blue screen fades to black and comes up with the intro to Skyrim.

BloodThunder had kept everyone in the dark, even the organizers of AGDQ as you can hear even the surprises in the announcers voices. Check out the clip of the moment below.

GamesDoneQuick - AGDQ Crashes during Bioshock run

Watch GamesDoneQuick's clip titled "AGDQ Crashes during Bioshock run"

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