Awkwafina De-Stresses With Video Games

The 33-year old actress Awkwafina has been in the spotlight these this last year or so thanks to her staring roles in Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon and Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Now, she’s starting to pop up in gaming-centric spaces too thanks to Nintendo and Discord.

In an interview with Yahoo the star opens up about how she uses video games to relax on set after a stressful day. She says that the competition and sense of community found in gaming is something she has always enjoyed. She talks about how she’s played video games ever since she was a kid and how a large part of that gaming life was thanks to Nintendo.

One of the most potent lines from the interview speaks volumes to the way gaming is being seen in todays mainstream culture. Awkwafina said, “I like that even if you’re not really a gamer-centered person, there’s a place where you can still kind of live in there. There’s something for everyone.”

Even Danny DeVito is getting in on the gaming scene with Awkwafina as they partner up for an ad for Discord, a gaming-centric multi-purpose chat and video call platform that’s looking to expand past just gaming.

Discord – The Movie (2021)

We made a movie. Actually, you made it too, so we hope you like it. It’s about what Discord means to us, to you, and to people everywhere. Whether you’re her…

As gaming and esports, become more and more popular and begin to reach more audiences, we’ve seen tons of celebrities’ begin to embrace the gamer inside. Plus, as Hollywood continues to mine the gaming scene for their next big blockbuster, it’ll only turn more people to games that otherwise might have shied away.

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