Courtesy of Netmarble Games

It’s shaping up to be a massive year for Marvel Studios in both the movie department and the gaming world. The comic book company definitely needed a win after the mixed reception fans gave their Marvel’s Avengers on PC and consoles. It seems they’ve got it with Marvel Future Revolution, which is surprising given that it’s a mobile game.

But maybe it shouldn’t be with hits like Genshin Impact taking off this past year. Between Switch gaming and some awesome games coming out on Android iOS devices, mobile gaming has been better than ever.

So what makes Marvel’s Future Revolution so great? It’s a deceptively simple concept with plenty of room to grow. It’s an open-world action RPG, which means you roam across taking on missions as some of your favorite heroes. But it also has an MMO aspect to it in that you can team up with other players around the world. Normally, there might be a small caveat here about how only one player can pick each hero, but Marvel has designed into the game a reason who anyone to be any hero they want.

The story of Marvel Future Revolution takes place during an event called ‘The Convergence’ where multiple timelines and universes are all being threatened and overlapping. So heroes from all different stretches of the multiverse are being called on to fight back. This explains why there might be two Captain Marvels or an entire group of Spider-Man.

As players play through Marvel Future Revolution, they can even get new gear, upgrade their costumes and customize themselves to look completely different from other heroes while still retaining the signature look and style of their favorite superhero.

Marvel Future Revolution is currently available on all iOS and Android devices.

Courtesy of Netmarble Games