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Spider-Man No Way Home is still a long way off, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning. With the events that took place in WandaVision and Loki and the creation of the Multiverse along with some known details about Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness…well, Spider-Man is being set up to be quite the event. As a huge Spider-Man fan, I’m equal parts excited but also a bit anxious.

Spider-Man Far From Home ended on one hell of a cliffhanger with Peter Parker’s identity being shared with the world. If the rumors are to be believed and Spider-Man No Way Home is going to center on the multiverse. With Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield and all of their villains coming through into the current MCU, it seems like there won’t be a lot of time to focus on the identity crisis of our Peter Parker and how it’s upending his personal life. It will be a bit disappointing if that huge plot thread is quickly swept under the rug for some other larger problem.

It’s also possible that the huge multiverse reveal won’t happen until the 3rd act or even the end of the movie, which directly sets up Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. With everyone making rumors about who could show up thanks to a multiverse tear, I wanted to reign in the theories a bit and talk about four heroes and one villain who could be introduced in the movie even without the help of the multiverse.


Matt Murdock was one of the earliest rumors floating around the internet about Spider-Man No Way Home. With Peter’s identity being revealed to the world he’s set up to be in a lot of trouble, with many people. Even considering all the enemies who would now know his face, it’s very likely that the US Government would want to chat with him. Technically, he was Iron Man’s side during Captain America Civil War when the Sokovian Accords were ratified. But, Iron Man is gone and Spider-Man has been using abilities.

Is it possible that because he’s still in high school there could even be other rules on the Accords in relation to being a minor? Either way, if Peter Parker ended up in a courtroom, for that or vigilantism in New York, he was going to need a good lawyer that didn’t cost much or need cash upfront. This would’ve been a perfect time to introduce Matt Murdock, aka the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Perhaps Matt would’ve helped Peter out of the kindness of his heart because he’s seen the good Spider-Man does with his own crime-fighting.


Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner and will soon have her debut on Disney Plus in her own series as She-Hulk. But, Spider-Man No Way Home could’ve been a great place to introduce her opposite Matt Murdock and Peter Parker. If Daredevil was defending Spidey in the courtroom, Jennifer Walters could have been a part of the prosecution.

Her cousin as one of the Avengers would have given her a unique perspective on the whole superhero business. At this point, she wouldn’t be She-Hulk yet, that’d be something to save for her solo series. But it would be interested in fans to see her coming down hard on Spider-Man for his vigilantism, then later in her own series becoming a hero and having to grapple with the same issues she tried to prosecute Peter for.

The Punisher

Frank Castle’s involvement is another rumor that’s been floating around, but it’s not nearly as hot as the Daredevil or even multiple Spider-Man ones. The inclusion of the Punisher would be a wild card Spidey, whatever the main plot point of the movie is, Peter would have to also contend with Frank constantly on his tail.

We all know Spider-Man to be a hero, but not everyone sees him that way. Thanks to J Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle, there are quite a few New Yorkers who view Spider-Man as a menace. With the Punisher now having wind of who Peter is, maybe he takes it upon himself to put an end to the Wall-Crawler.

Of course, by the end of the movie Frank comes around and realizes that Spider-Man is just as much a hero like Captain America or Iron Man was.

Miles Morales

While everyone else seems content with their hype surrounding the return of former Spider-Men, Maguire, and Garfield (and Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus), I’m still waiting on Miles. Granted, Spider-Man is still owned by Sony so the chances of us getting Miles in the MCU and not in the Sony Spider-Verse is very low.

Regardless, Spider-Man No Way Home would’ve been a great place to introduce Miles. While Peter is busy in courts or on the run, Miles who has recently just acquired his Spider powers has to step up and help out. This would be a perfect place to set Miles on his course in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also clear Peter’s name because Spider-Man is still out there doing what he does, while this nerdy high schooler remains in a courthouse.

It would give Miles the chance to become and earn the Spider-Man title alongside Peter. They’re still one of the only heroes to both share the same mantle (though Kate Bishop and Clint do it with Hawkeye as well).


Finally, we get to Wilson Fisk, the great Kingpin of Crime in New York City. Now, to be clear, really any villain that Spider-Man has wronged in the past could show up with his identity and I fully believe a lot of them will. But the Kingpin is uniquely positioned to, like Spidey, have been in the MCU since its inception.

Spider-Man has been running around New York saving people, stopping muggers, and probably occasionally putting a wrench in the works of the Kingpin’s organized crime. With the identity of the masked vigilante now out in the public, why would Wilson Fisk let this opportunity to squash Spider-Man slip him up?

Thanks to Marvel Comics and over 60 years of Spider-Man comic books, the possibilities really are endless. If Sony didn’t hold all the Spider-Man-related cards there would even be a greater chance to see the likes of Norman Osborn or the Black Cat. Until such a time comes (and it might be close with the multiverse) we’ll have to trust in Kevin Feige to bring us the best of what they have.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Far From Home is directed by Jon Watts, written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers. It stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, J B Smoove, Jacob Batalon, Marisa Tomei and more. Its release date is December 17th, 2021.

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Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images