Man (Or Orc) Runs 10K In Lord of the Rings Armor, Streams It On Twitch

Calgary based Twitch streamer, Orc Run, is a man (possibly a real life orc) who happens to enjoy dressing up in full Uruk-Hai armor from Lord of the Rings (or maybe just his own real armor since we never see his face.) But Orc Run doesn’t just dress up in the armor; he runs entire races dressed in the full set of armor while carrying a selfie stick that is mounted to his arm and stabilized. These are not short runs by any means, as Orc Run recently competed in a 10K race wearing the entire ensemble, which includes a gnarly facemask that had to make it pretty difficult to breathe. 

The Calgary Marathon took place recently with runners asked to maintain physical distancing as a pandemic precaution, which is probably beneficial to somebody who looks like they are on the hunt for fresh hobbits in the middle of a race (and his mask made him COVID compliant as well, whether intentional or not.)

This wasn’t just a run for running’s sake though, as Orc Run ran the race in the name of charity, using his Twitch stream to broadcast the race and at the same time raise money for charity. In the end, Orc Run ended up raising just shy of $2000, passing his initial goal of $1,500 by over three hundred and fifty dollars more. All of the money raised was put towards The Alex, a Calgary-based non-profit that provides health, social, and community care for the poor.

OrcRun – woooo

Watch OrcRun’s clip titled “woooo”

And not to be outdone just by the charitable aspect of the run, the runner came in at an impressive 54 minutes, even after making a note of how much more difficult the camera gear he was wearing made the run in general. While this is the Orc Run’s largest stream so far, he has run in plenty of other races that can be seen on his Twitch channel.

Curious about the set up that Orc Run uses in order to get his footage on the go? Unfortunately, it isn’t magic that the great sorcerer Saurmon can teach you, instead, it’s a MacBook, two phones, an Apple Watch, and a GoPro to stream the entire thing and respond back to chat. He even has a custom-made IOS app that links up with that fancy Apple Watch of his to display on the screen his heart rate and just how much farther he has to go in the different races he is competing in. 

After finishing the marathon Orc Run said, “Holy Sh*t guys, I see the donos, that’s insane. Damn guys we hit the goal”. Orc Run was also left gasping for air as he claimed, “Holy Sh*t, near the end there, I couldn’t breathe, there are holes in the mask but once it gets wet nothing gets through.” Looks like he needed to really catch his breath after that race if he had any hope of beating Legolas and the others to Isengard next time.

taking the hobbits to isengard


Feature Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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