Riot Games released a video today with Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mirales, the lead producer on the Champions Team at Riot. He gave us a look at some of the plans for new League of Legends champions this year, and it’s got everyone pretty excited. Let’s break down what to expect in 2020, starting with the debut of Sett.

Sett, The Boss

First and foremost, we got the word we’ve been waiting on for the newest champion. Sett is officially available starting now, and surprise, some of you may have already unlocked him. If you’ve been good about getting first blood in your games the last few weeks, you may have gotten the mysterious invitation item. If you did, make sure you pop it to unlock Sett for free.

As a long time Singed main, I’m pretty excited for Sett. It’s nice to see a new top lane bruiser gracing Runeterra. One of the biggest issues with bruisers is that they tend to feel pretty similar. Dive on opponent, stick to opponent like glue until their health disappears. Sett definitely has this aspect, but his unique mechanics should make him stand out. The grit meter should make for some awesome turn-arounds and will no doubt infuriate opponents.

Fiddlesticks and Volibear Update

Fiddlesticks was my first champion, so I was pretty excited when he was voted enough to warrant a rework. While he’s fun, he definitely feels like an old champion. So far, the visual update looks stellar. They’ve taken away the corny-ness of the character and embraced him as a horrific nightmare. We also got our first look at crowstorm, which looks like it isn’t changing too much except visually. It is terrifying however. Personally, I can’t wait to hear more about the specifics of his kit.

As for Volibear, they’re going a different route. Many people were vocal about how they wanted him to embrace a more eldritch horror type of vibe. While Riot wont be doing that, he will get an eldritch skin that will be free to anyone who owns Volibear currently or during his release patch. Like Fiddlesticks, we still don’t have a lot of details on his kit.

Champion Lore

By far, this was my favorite announcement of the day. Riot has seen that clearly, people are enjoying their new way of releasing champions. That is to say, alongside a lore video that explains their place within Runeterra. The reveal of Senna springs to mind. Riot announced during the video that they would continue this method of bringing Runeterra to life through their champions.

Future Champions

While they weren’t ready to announce any names, we did get some clues as to the new champions on the horizon. This summer will see the release of two new champions. One will be a new jungler, and Reav3 purposefully used the words ‘bloom’ and ‘fawn’ in his description of them. The second is a masked champion who refuses to die. He clued us in that some demons are better left forgotten while describing the second champion.

Given that Riot has taken a liking to making their champions important to the lore, and has also begun to explore characters that have been previously mentioned, I would expect that we already know who these champions are. In that, we’ve probably heard reference to them before at some point. The first champion makes me think along the lines of Ivern, Zyra, or Neeko, while the second makes me think of Jhin.

We’ve included the Youtube link below to get all the details straight from Reav3 himself! Now, I’m going to go try out Sett so I’ll see you on the rift!

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