Courtesy of Take-Two Interactive

At Gamescom this year, Marvel revealed a brand new game coming out from Firaxis Games in early 2020. Firaxis is owned by Take-Two Interactive and is best known for the development of the Civilization and XCOM Franchises. Very little was shown in the cinematic trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but there has been some information released on what to expect from the game which is a turn-based tactical RPG akin to the XCOM franchise.

The coolest aspect of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the main character, The Hunter, they’re a brand new hero that will be added to Marvel canon but will also be completely customizable by the player. You’ll be able to design your hero to look just like you or take on whatever form you’d like. You’ll also be able to decide what kind of superpower they have from over 40 different options in the game.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is coming to all platforms from PlayStation to Xbox and PC to the Switch. Just from the trailer, we know it will include heroes from all across the Marvel Universe. The roster includes; Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Blade, Ghost Rider, and Magik.

The plot of the game as described on Steam’s Store Page is, “After centuries of sleep, Lilith, Mother of Demons, has been revived by Hydra through a twist of dark magic and science. Lilith stops at nothing to complete an ancient prophecy and brings back her evil master, Chthon. Pushed to the brink, the Avengers desperately look to fight fire with hellfire and enlist the help of the Midnight Suns – Nico Minoru, Blade, Magik, and Ghost Rider – young heroes with powers deeply rooted in the supernatural, formed to prevent the very prophecy Lilith aims to fulfill. Together, they resurrect an ancient warrior – the Hunter, Lilith’s forsaken child and the only hero known to have ever defeated her. In the face of fallen allies and the fate of the world at stake, it will be up to you to rise up against the darkness!”

Photo Courtesy of Take-Two Interactive