Paulie Esther, Streamer and Content Creator for Dead by Daylight

Paulie Esther is a self-described ‘Dead by Daylight Fog Whisperer’ and Big Goof on his Twitter. He creates contently almost exclusive centered around the horror game Dead by Daylight. From playing live on Twitch to videos of all types on YouTube. Joe Sloan and Chadd Callahan from Checkpoint XP got a chance to sit down with Paulie and talk to him about passion for Dead by Daylight. This includes the newest addition of the Stranger Things characters; the Demigorgon as the new killer and Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler as the two new survivors. Along with this update also comes new match making system.

Listen or watch the full interview here!

Interview with Paulie Esther, September 10 Monday (Part 3) – CheckpointXP on Twitch

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For more about Paulie Esther and his content you can find him on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

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