Nate, Robbie and Chadd chat with writer, director, animator, and voice actor Sam T. Nelson of the YouTube channel Samination and discuss animating for YouTube, dealing with censorship and how to become a one-stop content shop.

  • About Sam T. Nelson and his history of animating
  • The Dead By Daylight animations and their increased popularity
  • Working as the writer, animator, and voice actor for all his content

Keep an eye out for the newest in his Dead By Daylight series, coming this Halloween!

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Nate: Joining us now is Sam Nelson. He is the mind behind the YouTube channel Samination. What’s going on, Sam? How are you doing?

Sam: Doing all right.

Nate: So tell us a little bit about your channel and how you started. You know, because you’re really interesting. Your channel is really interesting. You do a lot of animated content. How did you start doing animated content for YouTube?

Sam: Well, that’s a long story? But I’ll try to keep it short. Animation is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little kid and I actually got my start on Have you guys ever heard of it?

Group: Oh, yeah.

Sam: I always liked, Newgrounds. It was the YouTube you before YouTube. And for some reason, every time I uploaded a video, an animation there, they always put it on the front page. So someone there really liked me, I guess it was the creator of Newgrounds. And so, that really helped me kind of get started and realize, oh, people actually like the junk I make. So I just kept making videos and when YouTube came along, I jumped over and I was kind of releasing content on both sites. And then when YouTube introduced monetization, I started making videos series specifically for my YouTube channel. And now today it’s pretty much just all YouTube.

Robbie: So you have your eighth Dead By Daylight parody. It’s gonna be coming out soon, hopefully. What made you start animating content based around that game specifically?

Sam: Well, I do a lot of animated parodies of video games like I’ve done parodies of like Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild and Resident Evil.

Nate: We were watching your Link’s Awakening one early.

Sam: That’s a good one, I hope.

Nate:  It is.

Sam: So I am very familiar with doing parodies of video games that I really enjoy and Dead By Daylight, like, I had just gotten Steam because I just gotten, like, a really good laptop that could actually play video games. And so I got into Steam and played SOMA and Gone Home. And then I saw the Steam game Dead By Daylight, like I never saw when there was a beta. I think I got it the day it came out of beta and I was in love, you know, it was like the game for me.

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