Facebook Purchases Beat Games

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Facebook has made a move in the VR space, purchasing out the creators of the popular title Beat Saber. Beat Games will continue to function as its own studio, but will work under the umbrella of Oculus games. The Oculus Rift is Facebook’s VR headset.

For those of you who have Beat Saber on other platforms, don’t worry. The company is continuing to support other platforms besides Oculus for Beat Saber. However, we don’t yet know whether that will be the case for new titles that Beat Games develops.

Our Thoughts: My guess would be absolutely not. I think new titles that Beat Games develops will be for Oculus only. Beat Saber is incredibly popular, but I’m not sure if it’s ‘establish brand loyalty’ popular. If you already invested in a VR system, are you really going to invest in another to buy from a developer you like? I doubt it.

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