Dignitas Reportedly Struggling To Sign Players

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Dignitas made one of the first big splashes in free agency when re-signed Huni to a stunning 2.3 million dollar extension. The deal was for two years and, according to reports, ate up about a third of Dignitas’ budget. They’re now allegedly struggling to fill out the rest of the roster with top tier talent on a limited budget.

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LCS] According to sources, @dignitas is spending 1/3 of its budget on @Huni, struggling to sign other players:✍️ @parquesomedia https://t.co/kyz1pHItUU

A week into free agency, many of North America’s big name talents have already signed to teams. While there remain some question marks around players like Sneaky and Aphromoo, many of the players teams covet are off the board. Dignitas may need to look towards rookie players in an attempt to fill out there roster.

Our thoughts: Call me crazy, but this may be a blessing in disguise. Team Liquid proved to me that a so-called ‘super team’ in North America isn’t enough to win it all. Therefore, the only way forward may be to embrace the youth movement. A veteran talent like Huni with some younger talent could be just the key. It likely won’t work this year, but if they can establish a strong core of young talent, they could be a powerhouse next season.

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