Chuck Bean of WRIF and Nerd Radio

Chuck Bean of WRIF and Nerd Radio joins the Checkpoint XP crew and talk nerdy.

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Video Games

Pokemon is one of most recognized franchise in the video game industry. When Pokemon Go first came out, it brought a community together. Gaming has become so common. Chuck points out that you never know if you or the other person next to you have the common interests until something is said. Chuck is one of the few that owns a PlayStation Vita. He got into the music and art style of Persona by playing Persona 4 on the Vita. The crew also asks Chuck was is his favorite and what he considers the best Final Fantasy.

Chuck Bean of WRIF and Nerd Radio
(Photo Provided by Chuck Bean)


Wrestling and video games interests recently has seen an overlap. Chuck even owns a Snorlax named Samoa Joe in Pokemon Go. Chuck and the crew reminisce their favorite wrestling memories and moments, such as Scott Steiner and Macho Man promos. They also discuss current wrestling, where the WWE is the most stronger and why to keep an eye out for AEW.

I was a huge Jeff Hardy in the Attitude Era. I think it’s because he was the wrestling equivalent of the band Nirvana. Every time that you saw him on screen could be the last time you ever see him. I gotta watch him. He could fall on his neck and die.

– Chuck Bean on one of his favorite wrestlers

Marvel Universe and Comics

Marvel has dropped more information for the future of the Marvel Universe during San Diego Comic Con 2019 (Marvel’s Phase 4 Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con). The crew and Chuck also discuss their theories with the upcoming Marvel Universe and how other Marvel will be introduced. Chuck is looking forward to the new Dr. Strange, and was disappointed with the recent Dark Phoenix movie.

When you get a character that the comic book version is so incredibly hokey, it could have went sideways real easy. (With) the most recent Spider-Man movie, it did not occur to me until I was sitting in the theater how easily you could of got Mysterio wrong. Look at the comic book version of Mysterio. He’s wearing wearing a goofy green outfit and a fish bowl head.

– Chuck Bean on the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies

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