Joey Franchize of the WiLD 94.1 joins the Checkpoint XP during the Beasley XP Studio Launch.

I’ve been playing video games my whole life… So to share that with co-workers and also listeners, it’s pretty special… That’s always been my thing is always been keeping up with the times… So if somebody’s into a new game, that I’m not familiar with, I’m going to try it. I’m going to take your word for it and I’m going to play it.

– Joey Franchize, on playing games with co-workers

As a basketball fan, Joey shares his thoughts about the NBA 2K League and who to look for in the League.

Right now, I’m seeing BearDaBEAST23. I follow him on Twitter also. He plays for the T-wolves Gaming team, and they are on a roll right now going through week 11. Pay attention to them.

– Joey Franchize, on who to look out for in the NBA 2K League

2019 NBA 2K League Draft Hopefuls: BearDaBEAST23

Go behind the scenes with Draft prospect BearDaBeast as he gives an inside look at his preparations for the upcoming 2019 NBA 2K League Draft! The 2019 NBA 2K League Draft will take place on March 5 at Barclays Center.

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Salute to my brother olarry2k 🙏🏼 You are a inspiration & a legend forever ♾ #ESPYS 🏆 @ Tampa, Florida

NBA 2k League Player Tim Anselimo Interview – Joey Franchize WiLD 94.1

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Joey Franchize Interviews NBA 2K League Player, oLarry2K of Cavs Legion

Interview with Joey Franchize, Radio Host on WiLD 94.1 in Tampa Bay!

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