Joey Franchize of the WiLD 94.1 joins the Checkpoint XP during the Beasley XP Studio Launch.

I’ve been playing video games my whole life… So to share that with co-workers and also listeners, it’s pretty special… That’s always been my thing is always been keeping up with the times… So if somebody’s into a new game, that I’m not familiar with, I’m going to try it. I’m going to take your word for it and I’m going to play it.

– Joey Franchize, on playing games with co-workers

As a basketball fan, Joey shares his thoughts about the NBA 2K League and who to look for in the League.

Right now, I’m seeing BearDaBEAST23. I follow him on Twitter also. He plays for the T-wolves Gaming team, and they are on a roll right now going through week 11. Pay attention to them.

– Joey Franchize, on who to look out for in the NBA 2K League

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Joey Franchize Interviews NBA 2K League Player, oLarry2K of Cavs Legion

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