Wizzrobe is having quite the year for himself. Making it into the top 5 in all of his appearances this year, Wizzrobe took home another major win the other week at Mainstage 2021.

This dominant win is his second straight over perhaps the most dominant player in the history of Smash Bros. Melee. Going into Mainstage, his career record against Hungrybox was 15-12. But after Wizzrobe’s surprising win, he’s raising that record to 15-14. Not many know but he is the closest anyone has been to tying their lifetime tournament record against Hungrybox.

And with the way Wizz has been playing, he very well could be closing that gap by the end of 2021.

Despite a slow start to the finals, Wizzrobe does what he does and provided quick and fast-paced gameplay on his route to victory. The pressure he put on Hungrybox and his quick movement proved to be too much for his competitor. Wizz even landed a famous Falcon Punch on one of the best Smash players in history.

Wizzrobe ended the set against Hungrybox with a perfectly timed knee and exited the arena with a friendly fist bump. Even better is the excited wave of his controller over his head to celebrate.

Header image courtesy of Evan Habeeb/USA TODAY Sports