Wizzrobe Becomes Team Envy’s First Smash Bros Player

Following a deep run at Smash Summit 8, Smash Bros Melee star Wizzrobe has signed with Team Envy. He is actively competing in both Smash Bros Melee and Ultimate, and will represent Envy at EVO this year. He becomes Envy’s first Smash Bros player.

Wizzrobe is well known for being Captain Falcon main, and the first to win a Smash major in over a decade. He went all the way to the finals at Smash Summit 8 before losing to Axe, widely considered the best Pikachu main in the world. Envy CEO Mike Reufail was quoted as saying: “Wizzrobe is the perfect match for Envy: he brings a big personality and record of competing at the highest level that we’re excited to further.”

Source: Dot Esports
Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

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