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Nintendo Direct and Blizzcon | CheckpointXP On Demand

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  • (0:00) Nintendo Direct
    • Nintendo aired their latest direct conference, and while it may not have had the hardest-hitting lineup of games, at least they’re all coming out soon.
  • (12:00) Blizzconline
    • Blizzcon was held recently, online due to COVID-19. Overall, we’re feeling like it was pretty lackluster and wondering if Blizzard has just lost the magic.
  • (24:30) LCS Import Rule
    • Producer Kali joins us to talk about the import rule in the LCS, and whether it makes sense to do away with it. 
  • (34:30) Mortal Kombat Movie
    • The trailer has dropped for the new Mortal Kombat movie, and it looks awesome! We are ready for this!
  • (44:19) What’s that rage?!
    • Ric’s got a bunch of clips of people raging on stream, and the crew has to guess which game each rage clip is for.
  • (57:04) Gaming and Esports News – 
  • (1:09:19) Huge No Man’s Sky Update
    • No Man’s Sky got a huge update. Is it enough to get people to buy back in? Plus, our Patient Gamer this week is Cuphead.
  • (1:19:19) Social Media Check-in
    • We check in with our social media followers to see what game in a franchise was the last straw. Which game made you quit the series?

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About The Author

Kali Scales Kali got into gaming from a young age when her mom bought her a GameBoy with The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. She’s been a lifelong gamer, particularly fond of the Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, and Star Wars franchises. Her interests extend outside gaming; she loves comics and is particularly passionate about movies. As a member of the LGBTQ+ family, she feels strongly about working with charitable causes and has hosted numerous charity streams. She serves as the Head of Content for the CheckpointXP brand, but also as a producer for the CheckpointXP Radio Show. She occasionally appears as a guest on CheckpointAFK.

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