The gaming news and entertainment space continue to grow in 2020. VENN, a new streaming content brand aimed at gamers, is now in the wild. With a stable of nine shows and more on the horizon, the new brand is looking to change the landscape of gaming content quickly. With the return of gaming giant G4 looming, will its roster of talent and boundary-pushing content get them over the hump?

A Road (No Longer) Less Traveled

VENN comes into the gate with quite a few gaming lifestyle programs aimed at gamers and digital natives. “The Download” is your round table gaming news show. “Stream House” brings on some of Twitch’s top talents to stream in VENN’s state of the art studios. And variety “streamer” Sushi Dragon has his own show about everything and nothing at the same time. All of these show are looking to captivate the Millennial and older Gen Z crowds that view gaming as a part of their identity. They’ve also got shows about dating and digital etiquette, game shows & competitions, and even fitness programming. It does seem like a shot in all directions, but only time will tell if it sticks with the target audience.

VENN’s Talent

VENN was originally slated to have studios in both New York City and Los Angeles but the devastation that COVID-19 wrought upon NYC put its plans for a studio there on hold. But that doesn’t mean that East Coast talent hasn’t made its way to VENN’s airwaves. Erin Ashley Simon, formerly of Cheddar Esports, joins the roster alongside a cadre of personalities from across all forms of entertainment. Former adult entertainment star turned streamer, Sasha Grey, teams up with battle rapper, Dumbfounded for “The Grey Area”.

We got a chance to talk to Erin Simon and Emma Fyffe, hosts on “The Download” about how they feel VENN is pushing the industry forward. We also talk a bit about video games too.


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