Joe Rogan Receives Backlash After Saying “Video Games Are a Waste of Time”

Infamous podcaster, Joe Rogan interviewed a fitness guru, Joe De Sena, on The Joe Rogan Experience. The two discussed how video games “get you nowhere in life” and that “they are a waste of time.”

Accusations were made suggesting that “children turn to video games when they have no role models in their lives,” according to Isobel Lewis of Independent News.

“Video games are a real problem,” Rogan said. “They’re a real problem. You know why? Because they’re f***ing fun. They’re [addictive], I have a real problem with them. You do them, and they’re real exciting, but you don’t get anywhere.” Comparing gaming to martial arts, he continued: “You could be doing something exciting and fun, or you could just be playing f***ing video games.”

“Three years later you could just be that same kid, just playing video games, waiting for the next whatever the f*** game is… and you’re gonna waste your time.”

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“Video games a real problem. You know why? Because they’re f**king fun. You do them, and they’re real exciting, but you don’t get anywhere.”Joe Rogan has described video games as a “waste of time” for ‘most people’:

Joe Rogan received major backlash for his comments, coming from popular streamer Ninja, along with Twitch and YouTube creator DrLupo. Ninja stated on Twitter, “Joe doesn’t really understand the full context of what the gaming community is and how many different avenues you can be successful in gaming.”

DrLupo made a great point saying, “Listening to this podcast is a waste of time… Generalized bad take is bad. Anything can be harmful in excess. Video games have made many people successful, they’re the cause for a majority of my friendships, etc.”

Joe Rogan’s podcast proved to gamers he is not aware of the benefits of playing video games, rather he only sees what average non-gamer sees. He is not aware of the positive community and friendships that gamers share. His takes were negatively generalized, claiming the only good thing about video games is that “they’re f***ing fun.”


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