Each week we bring you two moments, one of epic success, someone who absolutely nailed it! And another of an epic failure, someone who totally failed it. This week on Nailed It and Failed It…

Nailed It!

The Overwatch League was all set to get back and up and running last week with their first online matches. This would’ve been the Seoul Dynasty’s first match for the 2020 season. However, due to all the broadcast talent being in California as well as the four teams who were supposed to play, they once again had to be canceled due to the state-wide shutdown. But that didn’t stop the League from giving fans something to watch. UberShouts and Mr. X casted the games remotely as the Shock, Dynasty, Valiant and Gladiators all played an exhibition match on the test server using the new Hero Echo.

Failed It!

This weeks Failed It goes out to Evangeline Lilly, aka The Wasp. During the Covid-19 Crisis when the public was urged to stay in doors and self-quarantine for the safety of the public as a whole she was quoted saying she values ‘Freedom over Life’ and as a result would not self-quarantine.

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