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Video games are becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday life. It is not uncommon to see them featured in some way in our daily news cycle as well, even if you’re not a gamer. In most cases, the context around them is about violence and how it affects (or doesn’t) our youth. For Clint Hocking, creative director for Watch Dog: Legions from Ubisoft, it was for a whole different reason.

BBC Click, the flagship tech show for the for the news network interviewed Hocking about the upcoming hacker game. What was interesting about this interview is that it was the first interview ever done within the game itself.

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In a world first, @BBCclick interviewed @WatchdogsGame’s Creative Director Clint Hocking, in-game! 🤯

In the interview Hocking is asked about setting the game in London and the inclusion of Brexit in the game. He talks about how important culture is to the creative process. Movies and books don’t shy away from politics and it should be the same for video games.

Robbie’s Thoughts: The video on it’s face is mostly just fluff. If you’ve been following Watch Dogs: Legion at all there’s no new information here. However, in the greater scope of things the BBC airing an interview about videos inside a video game is massive. Our culture and our media needs to start including and viewing games in the same breath as movies, books or music. It shouldn’t always be about violence or sensationalizing a story to push an agenda.

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