Kojima Productions Wants To Create Anime and Smaller, Weirder Games

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Hideo Kojima, maker of the critically acclaimed Death Stranding, has told Famitsu in an interview that he’d like to also create anime, manga and smaller games alongside huge blockbuster titles.

The enigmatic game director was interviewed alongside art director for Death Stranding as well as a host of other great Kojima games like Metal Gear Solid, and Zone of Enders Yoji Shinkawa for the February 6th edition of Famitsu magazine which was translated and summarized by DualShockers

In the interview Kojima and Shinkawa talked about their history working together as well as some specifics about Death Stranding’s development. But the most interesting part of the interview came at the end.

When asked what types of projects they would like to do next, the pair answered that they were interested in making a manga. Kojima also mentioned that since Death Stranding didn’t have much mecha designs in the game he’d like to do a project that had lots of mechs to give Shinkawa more work and that project could be an anime.

On the topic of Death Stranding they acknowledged that many people consider it to be a “weird” game, but they see it as very similar to games they done in the past and actually want to make weirder games. Kojima also mentions that he’d like to try giving smaller or episodic games a try though wonders how sustainable such a project would be and reiterated his commitment to continue to make “big games”.

The future looks bright for the folks at Kojima Productions. 

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