Bud Light Is The Official Beer of the LCS Spring Split

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Esports continues to grow ever upward as more legacy brands invest heavily into the space. Bud Lights deal with the LCS is more than just slapping a logo on a product. They are committed to investing in the culture and the infrastructure of the scene. Along with their deal comes a multitude of content that will help promote and grow the interest and lifespan of the sport.

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We are excited to announce @budlight as our newest partner and the official beer of the #LCS!Learn more at: https://t.co/rEZf9SVOfV pic.twitter.com/bSWdOyQPDB

With the partnership Bud Light will now be served as LCS events as well as in the LCS Arena in Los Angeles, California. Bud Light will also be broadcasting LCS events on their official Twitch Channel. In addition, Bud Light will also be hosting watch parties call “How I LCS” and adding a new segment to LCS broadcasts called “Ace Moments” to be featured on the post-game show after Monday Night League. Finally, Bud Light and the LCS will be working on an after-hours post show specifically for the Bud Light Twitch Channel.

Joe’s Thoughts: So anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of dark beer. While I would very much love to have seen Guinness become the official beer of the LCS, I totally understand why that went to Bud Light. Bud Light has become a major staple of American culture, and look no further than the NFL for your proof. For Budweiser to continue their investment into esports shows that they understand what the demographic looks like and how important the esports industry is. Good move by both sides.

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