Overwatch League’s Next Host is Soe

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When the Overwatch League made it’s inaugural debut in 2018 Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez was at the head of the analyst desk. In 2019 Chris Puckett took over the main host duties as Goldenboy went on to pursue freelance opportunities, but still showed up to MC some of the biggest events of the year. Following in his footsteps, Chris Puckett has stepped away from the League and the next iconic esports personality to take up the mantle of lead host for the Overwatch League is a Soe Gschwind.

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A new year, a new role…exciting times ahead! Looking forward to another year in the @overwatchleague – I’ll try my best to make y’all proud as I’m taking on some new responsibilities for the upcoming season. Thank you for your continued support! 🥰#IcantsingbutIdontcare pic.twitter.com/poeawft55D

Soe announced via twitter through song that she’d be taking up the position previously held by Goldenboy and Puckett. She’s one of the last members of the desk who joined on during the inaugural season as MonteCristo, Chris Puckett, DoA, Semmlar and Malik Forte have all exited the organization in one fashion or another.

Just because contracts are up doesn’t mean that we won’t still see these familiar faces around the league. Like Goldenboy, Chris Puckett is still going to be involved in events from time to time. The New York Excelsior announced on their twitter that Chris Puckett would be MC for their first homestand event this year.

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And it just keeps getting better. We are happy to announce @MLGPuckett as MC for our inaugural Homestands. #EverUpwardGrab your tickets: https://t.co/gYgVd3ENBn pic.twitter.com/KmFJVL90Ds

The first game of the 2020 season starts in February on the 8th. Games will take place in New York and Dallas. For more details visit the Overwatch League website.

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