This past weekend PAX South was in full effect in San Antonio, Texas. Among the many attendee’s the Houston Outlaws of the Overwatch League were in attendance. They held several events over the weekend including a Pro-Am Tournament. The Pro-Am saw four members of the Houston Outlaws team up with fans to play each other on stage in the PAX Arena.

In attendance from the Outlaws was main tank Austin “Muma” Wilmont, flex support Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty, dps and Sombra specialist Dante “Danteh” Cruz and newcomer and dps Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang. They were also accompanied by head coach Harsha Bandi and assistant coach Chris “Dream” Myrick. Player Manager Matthew “Clockwork” Dias. Everyone but Clockwork participated in the Pro-Am Tournament.

The Tournament was structured so that two of the Outlaws players would be on opposite teams full of PAX Attendee’s. The game mode was Mystery Heroes on control point maps and the best of three won. Danteh faced off against blasé and won 3 to 0 taking all 6 maps. Muma and Rawkus faced off next going 2- 1 in Muma’s favor, they played a fourth map that Rawkus’ team won. The coaches also participated in the Pro-Am facing off against one another and Dream beat out Harsha in a 2 – 1 match score.

To finish off the night they brought Danteh and Muma back out to decide who was the champion and though Muma won 2 -1, they played a fourth match that tied it up. They settled the tie breaker with a 1 v 1 limited duel that Danteh handily won 5 – 2.

Below are some of our favorite highlights from the match, of which Robbie Landis and Joe Sloan helped to cast alongside Winston of the Lonestar Vanguard.

Outlaws 005 Saves Lijiang Tower

It’s not very often you see it, but sometimes a player can go a whole round without dying in mystery heroes. Outlaws 005 was doing work on the Soldier 76 securing kill after kill. At the end of the match it seemed as though Muma’s team was going to re-take the point. Outlaws 005 was nearly at death’s door but his Mercy put his health back at full. As the support for Danteh’s fell Soldier 76 was somehow able to clean off the point and win them the round.

PAXArena - MVP Goes To Outlaws 5

Watch PAXArena's clip titled "MVP Goes To Outlaws 5"

The Pity Round

After several decisive wins against Danteh’s team, the casters checked in on Muma’s team comms. They were just about to rally back and re-take the point but Danteh’s team managed to come from behind and secure the round. Muma’s team did not seemed phased as they chalked it up to being a pity round.

PAXArena - Pity Round

Watch PAXArena's clip titled "Pity Round"

Double Death on Sigma

In the end Danteh and Muma tied it up 2 to 2 in the Mystery Heroes, so they decided to perform the tie breaker in a limited 1 v 1 duel. There were some spicy moments like this draw on Sigma, but ultimately Danteh did pull ahead and proved that he’s the mightiest mystery hero of all among the Houston Outlaws.

PAXArena - MUMA vs DANTEH 1v1 DRAW round

Watch PAXArena's clip titled "MUMA vs DANTEH 1v1 DRAW round"

You can watch the entire Pro-Am event below.

Houston Outlaws PAX PRO-AM @ PAX South 2020 - paxarena on Twitch

paxarena went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Overwatch VOD now.

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