NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 16: Taylor Swift and Idris Elba attend The World Premiere of Cats, presented by Universal Pictures on December 16, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Universal Pictures)

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

In the era of online games and digital downloads it’s commonplace to have to download a patch when you first boot up a game, even if you have the physical copy with you. As games are shipped, developers are still fine tuning some games or dealing with last minute bugs. Plus, once it’s been in the hands of millions of players around the world, new bugs and issues pop up that need to be squashed. Patches are a normal part of the gaming world, but the new movies CATS might be the first movie to have to deal with a week one patch.

Putting aside whether or not the CATS movie is any good (it doesn’t seem to be), movie goers for the opening weekend started to notice something was a little off. It wasn’t the performances or the vocals, or even the fact that everyone exists the worst part of the uncanny cat-like valley, though that is part of the issue with the movie overall. What those watching noticed were straight up glitches in the SFX or unfinished rendering. Just take a look at this scene where we can clearly see Judy Dench’s human hand.

There was another scene in question where a character was performing a ballet and since her human feet were now cat feet and toes, they just sort of floated along the floor. In an unprecedented move the studio behind the film, Universal, is ending out a patch to hopefully correct the mistakes.

Robbie’s Thoughts: It’s short and sweet for this piece, but this is probably the best headline you’re going to get. The CATS movie was too creepy to begin with and nothing was going to save it. Opening weekend grossed less than $10 Million. It’s likely to be popular among the furries, but I wouldn’t even bet on a cult following for this one.

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