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As gaming continues to penetrate the mainstream and esports soars to new heights, everyone is going to want to get in on the action. Luis Vuitton recently released their League of Legends collection to rave reviews. Then even sold out in Europe in the first day. Not every attempt to appeal to gamers is going to hit home.

Puma has recently announced a new shoe for gamers. The video touts all the important facts you’d need to know when deciding if this piece of footwear is something you need to add to your gaming wear or not. It has a 3D knit for a sock-like fit, layered mesh for breathable comfort, split bottom for flexibility…they go on and on. It’s being compared on social media to socks and by and large it doesn’t seem like many people are all that interested in it.

Robbie’s Thoughts: I actually really like it. It’s a nice balance between just wearing socks in the house or putting on a pair of shoes, but who wears actual shoes around the house? When it comes to winter months, sometimes socks aren’t quite enough and my computer room gets really cold. Comparing it the Nike’s I’m already wearing, it’s not that different. They’re made of the same 3D knit mesh, but only about half of the surface is that the rest is more structured and supported. Plus, shoes have way thicker soles. I wouldn’t be wearing this outside, so the thinner soul on this Puma shoe is way more attractive. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but honestly, I’d give these a try over the alternative any day which would be slippers. I’m not old enough for slippers yet. Bring on the Puma gaming shoe.

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