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Hello, CheckpointXP: On Campus faithful! It’s been a week and we’ve missed you! Before you scope our latest episode, here’s a quick primer on what the gang will be covering…


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A case originating from Montreal, Canada is accusing Epic Games of knowing their mega popular battle-royale game, Fortnite, was addictive, and failing to give proper warning about the game’s alleged tendencies. The lawsuit files claims that the addictive properties of Fortnite are not unlike that of tobacco and cocaine, and are seeking an undisclosed amount.

To see what Norris, Jacob, and Daniel think of this lawsuit, make sure to watch the brand new episode of Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


League of Legends College Championship - Opening Round
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Riot recently announced that the League of Legends College Championship will multiply from 8 teams to 32, along with a new structure to the scholarship money provided for the players and staff members on each squad. The original 8 teams featured last season were UC Irvine, Western University, Illinois, Waterloo, Michigan State, Columbia, North Carolina State, and the eventual champions, Maryville.

For more on this news, as well as discussion on what this means for the greater overall League scene, check out this week’s Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


On this week’s episode of Checkpoint XP: On Campus, Norris recalls his experience attending the Big House Super Smash Bros. Tournament in Detroit, MI, where Japanese player Zachray won top honors for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, while legendary Smash player, Mango, of Cloud9, came out on top on the Super Smash Bros. Melee side of the equation.

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The Collegiate Rocket League is 2 weeks deep, and as of right now, the top teams are Grand Valley State University, University of Michigan, University of Waterloo, Akron University, and Stockton University for the Eastern Conference. For the Western Conference, the current leading schools through week 2 are Louisiana State, University of North Texas, Nebraska, Arlington, and Arizona.

Norris and the boys out in the UNLV studio discuss the second week of Collegiate Rocket League action in the latest episode of Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


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The Overwatch Varsity Invitational is finally in full swing with the first week concluding. The invitational is organized by East and West conferences, with the top four schools in each moving on to playoffs. In the East the top four teams currently are: University of Texas- Dallas, University of California Irvine, University of North Texas and the Academy of Art University. In the West Maryville, University of Missouri, Winthrop and Central Florida lead at press time. As far as upsets go, the top programs of Harrisburg University, University of Utah, Rutgers and Northeastern University are all currently not in the top eight. The invitational is composed of group stages where teams will be playing two matches a week for several weeks. Week 2 starts on October 12th.

More on Overwatch and everything else esports comes your way courtesy of Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


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Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A recent article by PC Gamer did a dive into what’s beyond all of the esports related scholarships that more and more colleges are beginning to offer students. The piece details what day to day life is like for players who attend school on an esports scholarship, and how it may not be as glamorous and as carefree as getting a scholarship to play video games at school might sound.

Watch Daniel, Jacob, and Norris analyze this article on the newest episode of Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


Your incredibly handsome managing editor for Checkpoint XP: On Campus (me) joins the show once again to debate with Jacob and Daniel over what the four most influential franchises in gaming are.

You won’t want to miss this segment, and you’ll only find it on the latest episode of Checkpoint XP: On Campus!

Checkpoint XP On Campus – Episode 5 – The People Vs. Fortnite

Norris and the guys break down a potential Canadian lawsuit against Epic Games, saying Fortnite is as addictive as hard drugs. They give the latest in the Co…

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