Fortnite Consumed In Black Hole, Social Media Goes Dark

You have to give it to Epic Games, they certainly have a flair for the dramatic. As Season 10 wrapped up and fans eagerly clamored for Season 11, the world literally came to an end. Players in game were suddenly met with an event where-in the map was destroyed and consumed by a black hole.

Most players did what one would expect, they simply fired up a new game. However, no such luck as they were immediately kicked out. Fortnite remains unplayable almost a day later, showing only the black hole if players try to log in. All of their social media has gone dark as well, nuking old posts and remaining quiet. Occasionally, they’ll flash some numbers and give cryptic hints about what’s going on.

JavaScript is not available.

An event is about to happen… All modes and custom match codes are currently disabled.

This morning, we also saw a 5.24 GB patch pushed to Fortnite mobile. All of it adds up to one likely scenario, Fortnite is finally getting a brand new map. I appreciate Epic’s on the nose style of game development. For the first time since maybe the game launched, a good bit of the community is calling the game stale. There’s multiple changes to the game that people don’t agree with, and overall the game needs a spark to keep it going. So does Epic announce a road-map for game changes over the next 6 months? Nope, they nuke the map, suck it into a black hole, and start fresh.

Time will tell what actually comes from this. At this point, it would be immensely disappointing to see the old map emerge unscathed, but I highly doubt that’s going to happen. Rumors are persisting that this black hole event will be ending this evening, while some other theory crafters are suggesting that it will end early tomorrow morning. Either way, keep an eye on social media for all the latest.

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