This week on The Other Identity, Joe and Robbie are joined by their very first guest, Ben Morse. Currently a Visiting Lecturer at UNLV, Ben is the former Editorial Director of Digital Media for Marvel Entertainment.

Ben joins Robbie and Joe to talk about his own origin story, what made him fall in love with comics, who is his favorite hero and what inspired him to start down the path that would eventually lead to a career with Marvel. We also ask him about his time working for Marvel, including what it’s like being able to witness the creative process of developing some of our favorite stories of all time. Ben also shared a bit with us on his thesis, talking about how modern culture is being influenced by the world of comic books. Be sure to check out and follow Ben on Twitter @BenJMorse.

You can watch the full video here!

The Other Identity - Issue 23 - Origins, Ben Morse - checkpointxp on Twitch

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