Over the past few weeks we’ve missed commenting a few smaller developments in the comic world. For this episode Joe and Robbie cover the Harley Quinn animated show trailer on DC Universe, rumors that Marvel is looking to Shia Lebeouf as their Moon Knight and the newest trailer for DC and Warner Brothers upcoming Joker movie.

Harley Quinn has always been a fan favorite since her debut in the 90s on Batman the Animated Series. Coming later this year on DC Universe she’s getting her own animated series. Joe and Robbie break down the trailer and talk about what their excited about and what maybe worries them. Robbie also worries Joe with the latest rumor from Marvel and Disney Plus. It seems that Marvel may be thinking about Shia Lebeouf to play Moon Knight in their upcoming Disney Plus show. Finally, DC and Warner Brothers has released the final trailer for the Joker movie. It’s been getting rave reviews through the film festival circuit, but some people are expressing worry over the message the movie may be sending.

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