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In the days following EVO, The Fighting Games Community was rocked to its core as accusations of sexual misconduct marred the scene. While there were claims of harassment at EVO 2019 two big names in the FGC, Street Fighter Pro Leah “Gllty” Hayes and esports photographer Chris Bahn, have seen preliminary action taken against them by multiple tournament organizers.

In a tweet, another FGC pro player Dawn “Yohosie” Hosie accused Gllty of inappropriate touching at a major FGC event. She would go on to say that the encounter took place in public and that she had heard warnings about Gllty ever since. The developer/publisher of Street Fighter, Capcom, revealed they also received a number of complaints about Gllty’s behavior. And thus, Gllty is now banned from all officially sanctioned Capcom events indefinitely. This includes the Capcom Pro Tour.

Photo: ChrisBahn Twitter @bahnism

In an unrelated claim, allegations against Chris Bahn surfaced in a Facebook page from the On Blast Show. In the post, James Fink, named many of the women he spoke with about Chris Bahn and likened the exchanges between the women to “war stories”. Shortly after CEO Gaming tweeted that, Bahn would no longer be welcomed at their events. In a statement to Dexerto, Bahn said he wished to “express empathy to the victims for the emotional trauma that came from this”. Bahn was an Esports Awards nominee for “esports photographer of the year” but has been subsequently been removed from that shortlist.

Source: Dexerto, EventHubs, On Blast Show Facebook Page

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