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Valorant’s newest agent, Neon, made a shocking reveal earlier today. Neon makes Valorant’s 18th agent in Riot’s wildly popular FPS.

Neon’s Abilities Revealed

Neon is a duelist and lightning fast speed is her weapon. While we don’t have any official numbers regarding Neon’s abilities, such as cost, damage or cooldown, we can see them in action in the trailer.

  • Speed Boost / Speed Slide

Around 1:00 in the trailer, you can see Neon sprinting without any weapons or knife in her hands. She then slides around a corner and domes Cypher with a headshot. (Sorry Cypher, but it’s a trailer – you’re gonna to die.) This is a unique movement ability that no other character has in Valorant. And we’re certain it’s going to get people tilted.

  • AOE Flash

At 1:14, Neon tosses out what looks like a flash grenade. It bounces off of two walls and drops to the ground. Once it hits, the flash creates a radius which explodes, blinding the Omen inside.

  • Dual Wall

Around 1:20, Neon sends out two walls of electricity. They have pretty good reach, stretching out all the way from B Main to B Back on Split. This move is pretty interesting because it can block sight from both sides, allowing Neon and her teamates to reach a location without being spotted. However, these walls could potentially do damage to teammates, which means they could get stuck inside until they come down.

  • Zappy Hands

Now it’s probably not called Zappy Hands, but we hope it’s a possibility. At 1:53, Neon charges her hands with electrical energy, allowing her to shoot out a powerful, fully auto beam. She slides around corners and takes down enemies with ease. Could it be that this ability doesn’t suffer any movement penalties like Jett’s knives? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Valorant New Agent

Image via Riot Games

When Will Neon be Playable?

We expect Neon to release alongside Valorant’s latest update for Episode 4 Act 1. However, her release date is yet to be officially confirmed. This update will feature a new battlepass loaded with skins, sprays, and more. The new update launches January 12th, 2022.

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